About Us


Barbenders Belgium is an organization focused on bringing the Belgian calisthenics community together. By unifying the community we hope to put Belgium on the map within the international spectrum.

Throughout events, competitions, workshops, initiations, the creation of safe and regulated calisthenics parks and much more we are working to make this sport official in Belgium.

    Our Team


    Our team consists of 14 members. We have 4 board members, 7 members in the General Assembly & 3 Ambassadors that are working hard to help us reach our goals.


    Role: President




    Role: Chief Executive Officer 


    Role: Chief Financial Officer



    Role: Chief operations officer

    I’m Michael, a full-time personal trainer at Personal.Sportpraktijk in Mechelen. I have a bachelor degree in Ergotherapy, a gymnastics trainer diploma, and 200-hour yoga teacher training. Movement is my passion.

    At Barbenders I’am responsible for the social media. I also organize our epic competitions like the Belgian Street Workout Cup and the Barbenders Static cup.

    Outside Barbenders, I love handbalancing, sets & reps, and statics.


    Role: IT Director




    Role: Hype Man and Community Director

    Hello my name is Mehdi, better known as HYPEMAN.
    I’m 26 years old, and I work as a coach at DH Transformation. I started calisthenics about 3 year ago with Mike (CEO).
    He provided coaching and shared his stories and ambitions with Barbenders, and I was captivated! A year later, I was told that I could become an Ambassador. Today, I am honored to announce that I am the Community Director of Barbenders.
    I strive to get as close as possible to the community and their well-being.
    With my HYPE, I try to make everyone feel comfortable and at home with us.

    All your questions are also welcome here.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the open gym, one of our competitions, or elsewhere.



    Role: Marketing Director

    Meet Jari, a passionate mechanic with a love for calisthenics. Standing at an impressive 190cm, this towering individual defies expectations with their remarkable prowess in training front levers. While his expertise lies in fixing things under the hood, he also mastered the art of defying gravity through the discipline of calisthenics, with the front lever being his absolute favorite.

    What sets Jari apart is not just their mechanical skills but the intriguing fun fact that challenges stereotypes. Despite his towering height, he achieved the front lever faster than some people he knows who are even shorter then him.


    Role: Social Media director

    I‘m Eneas Vanneste, more than just an IT student and entrepreneur. With a passion for calisthenics and a certified personal trainer, I blend technological know-how with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. My favorite calisthenics discipline is statics, mastering moves like the front lever and planche. Yet, where I truly shine is in my love for people. As a dedicated people person, I thrive in social settings, enjoying the energy that comes from being around others. Here‘s a fun fact: I celebrated my 22nd birthday on 22/02/2022, making my life as unique as my approach to calisthenics. Let‘s strive for strength, health, and a fantastic time together at Barbenders Belgium!


    Role: Health and fitness director



    Role: Senior consultant


    Role: Ambassador

    Meet Déborah, She has a diverse professional trajectory, accumulating two years of experience as a coach and sales representative in a gym before transitioning to the telecommunications sector. Her dedication is evident not only in her career but also in her relentless pursuit of mastering the handstand, coupled with an enthusiastic exploration of static figures and street-lifting. Adding a funny touch to her profile, a fact is that her petite stature sometimes requires assistance to reach the bar.


    Role: Ambassador

    Hey everyone, my name is Mohamed. I‘m a 19 years old medicine student who started calisthenics 2,5 years ago. I started this sport to get fitter and for the health benefits, but when I got stronger I really wanted to learn some insane static skills. My favourite discipline is the planche. A fun fact about me is that I learnt a handstand push up way earlier than a clean muscle up


    Role: Ambassador